November 19th 1703

List of plants recorded by Bishop Nicolson in his hand written botanical notebook
Janet Queen
The following list of plants were recorded by Bishop Nicolson in his hand-written botanical notebook which remains in Rose Castle library. Mr James Sutherland, the supplier of the plants, was the first Regius Keeper to be appointed at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

" Set in the Garden at Rose (and my wife’s little Garden) the following Shrubs, sent from Mr Sutherland; Or, at least, so many of ‘em as the Carrier brought to my hand.

1. Deep purple Lilac

2. Dwarf Medlar

3. White Beam Tree

4. Rose without Thorns

5. Yellew (sic) Rose

6. Buck (t) horn-Tree

7. French Tamarisk

8. German Tamarisk

9. Sea Buck-Thorn

10. White flower’d Lilac

11. Mock Willow

12. Upright Honey-suckle

13. Wayfareing Tree

14. Shrub Trefoil

15. Early-flowring upright Honeysuckle of the Alps

16. Late-flowring upright Honeysuckle of the Alps

17. Dwarf Almond

18. Sweet-smelling American Rasp

19. Shrub St Johnswort

20. Curran with Gooseberry Leaves

21. Persian Jasmin

22. White Pipe Tree "

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